On Pink is Good

by On Pink

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"You hate yourself but you love 'On Pink is Good.' You're young, but between the embers of a flaming guitar and the jagged blades of the sax, you feel like death is approaching faster than ever. 'On Pink is Good' is your favorite album, but for your least favorite reasons. In a sick way, you like how the bass and drums destroy you. You desperately hold on to those rare glimpses of beauty and joy, but there's no escaping this audio assault, the inhuman cruelty of pure sonic violence. It's hard to endure, it hurts, but it's real and you love it, you really love this." ~ Rain Johannes


released July 6, 2016

On pink is:
Danny Eberle - Drums, vocals
Joe Ippolito - Guitar, vocals
Tom Giuzio - Bass
Lucas Kando - Saxophone

Additional Instrumentation:
Yoshi Takahashi - Clarinet on Evan's Snake and The Last Mourning
Ilan Natter and Henry Munson - E major chord on Evan's Snake

Engineered to tape by Henry Munson

Produced by Joe Ippolito and Ilan Natter

Mixed and edited by Ilan Natter

Mastered by Rain Johannes

Cover Art by Joe Ippolito and Rain Johannes

Special thanks to Gibby Scotto, Josh Eberle, Kell Duffy, Max Bierne Shafer, Anna Young, Jonah Pomerantz, Michael Eliran, Jake Zall, parents and family of members, Theo Rogers, Cate Whitman, New Music Ensemble, Bobby Apostle, Scott Siller, Jon Schnieder, Russell Jones, Marco Inamorato, Adam Reich, Mark Schulman, Audrey Seery, Maddie Pizzarelli, Aunt D, Danielle and Veronica Bettio, Chris Olsen, Isaac King, Sarah Mckeever, 72, Gabe Paiano, Gabe Garcia, Cisco Swank, Patrick Byrnes, John Michael Hagan, Lev Speilberg, Evan Dominguez, Kat Phelps, Nandi Johannes, Christine Mundy, Paul Riggio, Dr. Titone, Dylan Kahan, Alexander Schimke, Erick Zajac, not Jordan Rothschild, Little Frankie, Arson Daily, Bernie Sanders Funeral Campaign, victims everywhere, Mike Reina, the constitution, our exes, our legitimate brother who works at 711, green slime beverage, guy who drinks green slime beverage, Pirate Island, Eric and Dylan, Asia (the country), Asia (the band), Grant Bilcher, Middlesex County New Jersey, open carry, Robyn Reina's chiseled facial features, Suki Rae's murder campaign, not Durant for signing with the light skins smh

In memory of Kimbo Slice. Rest in peace brother



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On Pink New York, New York

i played with evans snake. it was really, really weird.

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